Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Months Old!

The twins are doing wonderfully! A little more sleep at night would do wonders for me, but I truly can't complain because they are very good natured babies so apparently they are getting plenty of rest. Aidan apparently has set a goal for himself to catch up with other babies his age who aren't preemies because the kid eats nonstop! Brooklyn is a little more dainty in her diet but a lot more vocal when she's upset. Kaleb is struggling with knowing how much help is TOO much. (ie: carrying your brother across the room is NOT on the approved activities list, nor is hiding him under a blanket to try to disguise the fact that you did relocate him without approval or assistance.)
On the whole though we are quite the happy little family, I have almost forgotten what it was like to only have one child. Sure it takes a good mental psych up session to go out the door with all three munchkins, and significantly longer to get them all prepared for any baby surprises that may happen if I am unprepared. At this point I am just so happy that we all still like each other!