Monday, December 6, 2010

Ten Months and Growing!

My sweet little monkeys are getting so big! Aidan is standing on his own on a regular basis. Brooklyn is still clinging to the couches or mommy's hands. She has mastered the art of crumbling when she realizes that she's no longer being supported--got to love the jelly legs! They both have truly found their voices and love yelling at each other and also using 'mama' and 'dada' to get our attention. They are working the table foods like champs and act insulted when we try to spoon baby food into their mouths.

I have truly enjoyed watching their personalities really grow. they are no doubt the same sweet souls from birth, their personalities have just magnified to much more recognizable levels.
Brooklyn is a daddy's girl, through and through. She has him wrapped around her little finger! I can see his heart melt every time she grins. Even when she is sleeping, she smiles when she hears Daddy's voice.
Aidan is a mama's boy in the best and worst ways! I adore the way he looks at me like I am truly the best thing since ice cream. But as soon as I venture even around the corner into a different room, the wails are definitely on the dramatic side. He is a strong willed little dude. We definitely have to keep our eye on him because he can pull a houdini act and disappear in a matter of seconds!

We are getting so excited to celebrate their first Christmas!
Kaleb is truly a big helper. He loves how much they look up to him and he most certainly keeps him entertained. I love watching their faces light up when Kaleb wants to play and dance with the babies. It is so sweet to see!

We have had a very good time recently with a small trip to Albuquerque and a trip to the Children's museum there. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from that trip and a few more recent photos. Enjoy!