Monday, January 4, 2010

Well it's established....I suck at updates.

So I've decided that I have a love hate relationship with blogging. I love to write. I hate that I feel obligated to write and then I feel guilty when I don't--so therefore I ignore the whole thing and pretend that it all just goes away. Hence the long intermissions before each regurgitation sessions. It's a healthy approach...ok not so much, but it also explains a lot about me and where my focus is at the moment.

I am very ready to be done with this pregnancy. A lot has happened since my last rambling, but pretty much all of it has been positive. I've officially surpassed my delivery weight with Kaleb...and then some. I was right at 30 lbs gained at my last appointment. It's crazy though, so much of this has gone to the babies, it's all stomach (ok and a little booty, I hate the mom-butt/wall-butt factor that apparently accompanies pregnancies.) Some people have tattoos to tell the stories and keep the treasured memories of people and events passed. However, I prefer to collect scars and boy do I have an artful collection of abdominal abnormalities at this point! My tiger stripes are fascinating, but I no longer have the complex that I had after Kaleb--these stretchmarks are so far beyond the petty blemishes I can now miss when they were so few and far between. Good thing I retired the Bikini after having Kaleb and my gallbladder surgery!!

My belly button is now an outtie. It looks like an imbedded cheerio, because there is a divot in the center. Also my scars from piercing my belly button are pretty cool, because it's not just the regular ones from when I had it done for real. Rather, the attempts to self-pierce with Alisa when I was 13 and then the follow up attempt that scarred Erin for life apparently scarred me pretty good as well. Who knew?!

I waddle like a watermelon smuggler.

My stomach physically moves and shifts with the babies movements, it is visible through any non-sweater.

And I now sleep in the recliner, because there is no such thing as a comfortable position anymore, and being reclined helps with the whole indigestion factor.

So that pretty much sums up all the shallow stuff!!

Kaleb is incredibly excited about the babies. John is hesitantly excited, he is a little more connected with reality and the financial implications of going from a family of three with two working parents to a family of FIVE with one working parent. As for me I get rather bipolar about the subject, the reality that delivery is going to happen whether I'm ready or not is nervewracking. Then moments later the babies practice their mixed martial arts skills on my diaphragm or down in my hoo-ha and I just can't wait to have them!

At the last ultrasound both babies were in vertex position, which is the first time that they've been cooperative. They were always breech previously, so I had grown accustomed to the idea of a c-section. Now all of the sudden there is the potential for a more 'natural' birth, and frankly I don't know which is the scarier proposition!

Today was my first 'work day' that I didn't have to go! My final day was Dec. 31. I have been doing my best to get the nursery ready without moving and rearranging furniture much. Not being able to do things that I've been physically capable of since childhood makes me feel like an invalid. So we've got one crib up and an armoire built. Once the desk and bookcase are out of the room we can get the other crib up and the changing table in place. We have an awesome recliner for the room, but since it's pretty much my home at this point I prefer to leave it in place in the living room as a giant obstruction to everyone until these babies make their arrival. I figure that's got to be one of the perks of being pregnant!

There are still a lot of gaps to fill in, but I'm hoping to make it another month before these wee ones make their appearance, but given their positions I wouldn't bet on it at this point! My mom will be coming to help in two weeks, so as long as no early deliveries arise before then I should be good to go. Grandma is going to help out with the whole no sleep, two babies and an attention hungry toddler factor.

I feel like I've added enough to purge myself of some non-sharing guilt...and that works for me! I'm sure I'll update again when more news comes, hopefully it will be prior to the twins 18th birthday...but no guarantees!!!

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  1. Dear Loni.
    Your blog sucks. I KNOW you are a talented writer and you aren't doing yourself justice. Maybe after your tots are born you can start writing things you want to write and not feel like you need to update people!
    Your self-piercing did scar me pretty bad, but not bad enough to never have a needle shoved through places on my body needles probably shouldn't go :)
    I'm excited about your twins, and also terribly weirded out. Somone my age is having twins. Weird, I tell ya.
    Love you :) ern