Sunday, September 19, 2010


It has been established. I suck at updating this thing. Truly. No excuses.

On the positive side, you'll get to see the wee ones grow in fast motion here. They are now almost eight months old. Busy little bumblebees. Brooklyn and Aidan are both attempting to crawl, they have the army crawl and roll away down pat. They hold their own bottles, they arch their backs like super gymnasts to try to maneuver their way out of any place they don't want to be. They are still obsessed with their feet and are frequently found sucking on their own toes, or their siblings...
Brooklyn finally got her ears pierced so that hopefully she'll stop getting called a boy.
Aidan is still as bald as a cue ball.
No teeth have erupted yet, but they're hiding just below the surface creating all sorts of crankiness.
Brooklyn made her daddy's lifetime by saying "Dada" first. I'm still rooting that Aidan might pull through for me and give me a well deserved "Mama" but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one! Here are some of my favorite more recent pictures of the munchkins!

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