Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We've established that I'm not so consistent...BUT...

It's funny because some of the biggest news has come and gone and yet where was the blog post?? Well, apparently I'm a slacker! Or better yet, I'm an expecting mama who is just too tired to form a coherent sentence most of the time when I have a 'free' moment. But, alas it has come time for the great reveal!!

On Oct. 15th we were able to go in for a comprehensive ultrasound, which was a really neat experience. You wouldn't think that much has changed in the four years since we were finding out that Kaleb was a boy and proud to be so! All of the things that they were able to check for on the twins was truly impressive. But the most important factor that we had been waiting on was GENDER. Checking out the first baby--which has been referred to as baby B from the get go, the sonographer very confidently declared "it's a girl" At that point I let out a yelp of sorts. I was so incredibly excited to get a girl, that I genuinely didn't care what the other ended up being because I knew that I could officially, without second thought be done with the whole impregnation bit! John took it pretty well but did let out a huge sigh of relief when baby A was deemed a boy.

One of each, just what I put my order in for ;) the factory get's it right sometimes I suppose! As thrilled as I was with the results it was also very comforting to see how in depth each of the babies were examined. We were able to see all four chambers of each of their hearts and how their blood flows, all of the major organs and the umbilical cords were checked out quite closely. It was very cool what they can tell you at just 20 weeks! The science behind these ultrasounds has definitely seen vast improvements in a short amount of time.

Kaleb had been sick the days leading up to this event, and on the morning of the ultrasound convinced his teachers that he was 'sick'...he has a little of his mama's theatre in his blood! So, even though they frown upon young children being present for the ultrasounds it was a really neat experience to be able to share with him. He was so fascinated by hearing their heartbeats. I think it made the whole concept of babies in mommy's tummy a little more real to him.

We already had a name picked if we had a girl, we weren't quite settled on a boy name though. It's been exciting because I've really felt this whole time that there was one of each, maybe it was because Kaleb told us so as soon as we found out that we were having twins. He seems to know things that we don't! In the tradition of Baby 'A' and Baby 'B' we are going with Aidan Bradley and Brooklyn June.

At my appointment it was great to hear the nurse/midwife say that things couldn't look better from the ultrasounds and my labs. I honestly feel really good. Of course I wish I had more energy, and wish that gravity would allow for the things I drop to come back up to me without any squatting or bending over--but that's pretty minor in comparison to the misery of morning sickness. On the whole I feel like I'm doing really well, I'm still working full time and the only real complaint I've had is due to the round ligament pain and the fact that Brooklyn has settled in really really low. I wasn't sleeping well at all because of the aches in my hips and pelvis (felt like I was trying to move while wearing steel underwear) they gave me a muscle relaxant which truly has helped me get rest at night, which makes all the difference in the world!

Kaleb is thrilled about having a brother and a sister. He has learned their names and usually remembers which baby is on which side of my belly--but he does still refer to them by the names he gave them: "Monster" and "Mickey Mouse". He loves to look into my belly button to check on them, and talk to them. Kaleb is still quite protective of me as well, when I groan or whince at a sharp movement he is the first to scold "Hey baby, stop kicking my mommy." Tonight that was followed up with, "I big, I beat you up, Monster." So the sibling rivalry and minor battles begin!!

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