Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sick of being SICK!

This past week and a half has been a serious challenge for me, initially Kaleb got sick at preschool. He had a cough and would make himself cough until he threw up, beautiful visual I know! Anyway, he was in relatively good condition otherwise just a little grumpy. I had a prenatal visit on friday which was disappointing because the Dr. hadn't scheduled a full ultrasound which is what they do monthly on these twin visits. Anyway, so I had a regular visit with one of the midwives on staff and a med student. They were very excited to pull a portable ultrasound machine into the room and do a little prodding to check on the babies. Not being ultrasonographers they did their best but we couldn't get much more than two wiggley babies with normal size heads and regular heartbeats. Just knowing that is very helpful, but I admit I was bummed because we were hoping to find out genders on that visit. So the mystery continues!

By Monday he was acting fine and really wanted to go to school. But then at work I get the call to come pick him up. This time around he was running a fever, which always gets me worried. I had picked up some of the beautiful coughing fits from him at this point, when Kaleb didn't want to wake up after an almost three hour nap I knew I needed to get him seen right then (despite the fact that there were no appointments available on base.) So we finally got the referral to ok a visit to the urgent care. We checked in at 4:35pm and didn't get seen until 8:45pm--which was technically 45 minutes after the entire building closed for the day. We were home with prescriptions at 9. It was a looooooooooooong day, and I definitely got exposed to more than I ever wanted.

Tuesday I worked half a day at the office and half a day from home. Come Wednesday I was getting ready for work despite the lack of sleep and serious congestion when I started on the vomit comet. Definitely not how I planned to spend my day! I was a serious trooper and worked my butt off from home, despite the fact that I was miserable and had little to no voice left.

So this morning I wake up with an eye gooped shut. At this point there was no choice, I needed to go to the Dr. the congestion issues I'd been having obviously traveled to my eye--and let's face it, this was NOT pretty.

I'd been trying so hard to avoid medications wherever possible, but I knew that I was only making myself worse by not getting antibiotics, so even though the clinics here are all overflowing and getting an appointment is next to impossible I managed to get squeezed in--yes I absolutely played the high risk pregnancy card, I have no shame.

Diagnosed with a serious sinus infection, and a headcold which has gone into my eye I finally got the medication I need to help me get better so I can be a better 'oven' for these tots I'm cooking up! I was able to hear the heartbeats with the doppler today, every little connection like that is really powerful. That was definitely the highlight to one yucky sick day.

I bargained with the Dr. to get a note to go back to work on Monday (he wanted me to be off until Wed. I told him not a chance!) So that was my minor victory as well, even though I know that I am going to have to take things much easier or I'll over-do it since I'm so exhausted.

So here's to hoping that next week will go much more smoothly...and cross your fingers that the babies play nicely on thursday so that we can find out their sexes!

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