Sunday, September 20, 2009

A late update!

Both babies--even though 3-d ultrasounds freak me out a little because the babies look like play-doh and/or silly is kind of sweet to see them both almost cooperating with each other.

Baby A cooperated nicely for the first 3-D ultrasound picture, this was at 14 wks. 1 day. Baby B was not nearly as cooperative wiggling and tucking as far back as possible--this is my kidney baby, loves my back!

I forgot my sign in to this account, hence the reason this update is so delayed. But all is going well with the babies. They are certainly growing and wiggling around a lot more frequently! Today I am 16 wks 2 days--which means 100 days have passed since conception! That's kind of a cool milestone :)

I definitely feel baby A moving around more than baby B because A is higher up, and as I mentioned before baby B really loves tucking itself as far back and as low as possible.

My next appointment is Oct 2nd and we're really hoping that we'll be able to find out the sexes at that point. We did confirm for certain that they are fraternal twins at the last appointment.

Kaleb is anxiously awaiting their arrival and talks to the babies in my tummy almost every day, he is going to be a very protective big brother. In fact he would not let go of the ultrasound pictures he took them to both his daycare and his school so that he could show all of his teachers and his friends! It was very sweet--even though he cried when the kids tried to touch them because they are HIS babies and he didn't want the kids to steal them. Each day this all feels a little more real--I think the fact that I'm having twins is actually finally starting to sink in. Especially because I'm getting big extremely quickly. I now am at the point where I have an appetite and though I get tired extremely easily I definitely am feeling much better than I have in quite some time! I guess not puking all the time adds to that sense of comfort and well-being. So despite the fact that I feel like a little old lady when I head to bed at about 8pm every night, things are going really well!

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  1. I love the pictures! Congrats again! 100 days is quite the milestone. You and another close friend of ours is having twins, so it's fun to follow up on how similar and different your experiences are!